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144 The Key to Multiplication - Cesar Castellanos (English)

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The primary purpose of this book is to help the reader appropriate biblical truths with simplicity so that it can be reproduced in the lives of their disciples. One of the key things that stands out to make the Bible different from any other book is "faith". Without it, the Scriptures would be worthless and the lives of its writers senseless. These people became great because they trusted God although all the circumstances were unfavorable.

The truths found in this book have been revealed to Pastor Castellanos. He has experienced these effective principles first hand and now shares them with you through this resource.

About the Author

César Castellanos is a neo-charismatic pastor from Bogotá, Colombia and the founder of the Misión Carismática Internacional. 

Castellanos is noted as the leading proponent of the G12 Vision, which is based upon the mentoring of 12 disciples. He believes the number 12 to be the number by which God will work within the church. He has stated that he was inspired to create the discipleship program after he had received a vision from God in 1983.