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How to Be a Great Teacher of Destiny Training (eBook -English)

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What makes a great Destiny Training teacher? Why should I teach on Destiny Training? How can I engage with my students and really inspire them? What will help me prepare and deliver really high-quality lessons to my students every week?

This book will help you answer these and similar questions. In it, Clive Harding condenses 15 years of professional teaching and teacher training experience into a series of readable and practical chapters. Through a personal journey of discovery, examples and reflections in his own teaching, he passes on some of the key principles of being an effective and successful teacher.

He combines all of this practical teaching background with a close understanding of the content and spirit of the G12 "Destiny Training" course. This will help you, the reader, to learn some of the best professional principles and practical approaches to employ in your teaching of Destiny Training.

The aim of this book to help inspire, inform and equip every teacher of Destiny Training to be highly successful in all aspects of their teaching and raise up future generations of servant-leaders in the G12 Vision.