Tan Solo Una Gota de La Sangre de Jesús - César Castellanos (Spanish)

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Este libro explica de una manera practica el poder de los 7 Derramamientos de la Sangre de Jesús y ofrece una guía de oración para todos los que anhelen ver el poder de Dios en sus vidas ¡tan solo una gota tiene el poder para darnos victoria completa!
Pastor Cesar Castellanos is considered to be a visionary man. When he had no church, God spoke to him and said, “Dream of a very big church because dreams are the language of My Spirit.” From that moment on, God gave him the gift of faith. He has been clinically dead three times but has had very powerful encounters with Jesus. God has revealed to him the power of the blood of Jesus; because of it, he has seen supernatural healings and miracles of great conquests.

He has been passionate about the souls from the moment he converted, starting his ministry by preaching on the streets. Today, through the G12 Vision he mentors many leaders and pastors teaching them to dream and training them to reach their full potential. Pastor Cesar has a very large church, but the most incredible thing is that it’s not a church of members, but of disciples and most leaders. He lives in Bogota with his wife Claudia is the father of five children and enjoys his 12 grandchildren.