The Women in the Ministry - Emma Claudia de Castellanos (English)

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For 28 years, Claudia Castellanos has worked alongside her husband, Pastor Cesar Castellanos, in the ministry. This is where she discovered that there was indeed a place for women in the ministry, without feeling intimidated by her husband's ministry. The truths found in these pages will remove the blinders that have limited your understanding for so long.

Every woman will understand God's strategy and take her rightful place in God's divine plan: the ministry. Pastor Claudia Castellanos is a woman who dared to believe that seeing in possessing. The Lord has used her to lift up an army of women. In Bogota, Colombia, she leads one of the world's largest networks of women.

About the Author

Pastor Claudia is a woman of faith. God pulled her from behind her husband and put her next to him. She has a great heart for women and has built a tremendous ministry of women in the city of Bogota. She has also extended herself in the political field. In 1991, she became the first Christian senator and the youngest. She was the creator of the law “Mujer Cabeza de Familia” (woman head of family law), a law that benefits the single mothers who lead their homes. Its mission is to be an instrument to lower poverty rates in Colombia. Today, she is Senator of the Republic of Colombia and is part of the Foreign Affairs Committee. For people who believed that politics and the church could not be mixed, she has shown them the opposite to be true.

Our main church is located in Bogotá, Colombia under the name “Misión Carismática Internacional”.